Are the Austrians and Slovaks losing their housing savings?

Occasionally, there is an international comparison with the extent of state support for Hungarian housing savings. It is unrealistic at some level, as the Hungarian Gipsy Jakab believes in the expected returns. You simply cannot appreciate if you are guaranteed nearly 5% in 10 years, while our neighbors would combine their two hands if they would receive this guaranteed interest for 4 years (they missed the housing savings on the go). What does the interest have to do with state aid? State aid is subject to a right to housing contracts, while each term and mode is assigned an EBKM (Unified Deposit Interest Rate) to make comparisons ‘profit’ for everyone.

Key Findings:

  1. Our neighbors receive much less money to get a higher fee
  2. More state support for a Hungarian contract is in the sum of the total of the Czech-Slovak-Austrian contract! 72,000 vs (23,000 + 20,000+ 5,500) = 48,500This means that until you have paid 20,000 forints a month for a Hungarian contract in exchange for $ 72,000 a year,
    in the meantime, a total of HUF 82,499 per month for the Czech-Slovak-Austrian contract is to be paid monthly for a total subsidy of HUF 48,500 within the framework of three contracts.
  3. Hungarians receive a 30% state subsidy for a housing savings contract, which is 20x the 1.5% Austrian state subsidy. If the Hungarians were to receive a 1.5% state subsidy for a 20,000 HUF monthly fee, then they would pay 3,600 forints instead of 72,000 forints.
  4. Despite this, the Hungarian population has the lowest number of housing savings contracts in the countries surveyed. In Austria, with a 1.5% annual grant of HUF 5,500, virtually every second person has a contract for housing savings. In the Czechs with a similar number of people, 3x more people are making house savings than the Hungarians.

It is very sad that the Hungarians have not yet noticed the extraordinary opportunity they have in recent years to create their own home with state support.

Are we wondering if they change the rate of Hungarian support?

My own professional opinion is that it would not be surprising if we arrived at the point where the Hungarian population strengthened financially to such an extent that the state could change the state support for housing savings! And we couldn’t have a word if

  • Support would be 20% instead of 30%, which would still be the highest in the region
  • instead of 20,000 forints per month, you should set aside $ 30,000 for a maximum of $ 72,000

If this happens, how much will we lose compared to now having this contract?

And if we can make 3 apartment savings?

Yes, you can see: in a 3-room flat for a change like this, just as much as a state subsidy for a +1 homeowner contract!