Financial Strategy

In the morning I stand at my window, sip my coffee, and a sudden recognition of my brain, trying to brush out Speedy’s fur. Actually, I wrote out a little cat’s hair and where’s the end? And how much of my financial products could I overwhelm?

We are addicte to our own comfort

Nowadays, an average financial coach would tell you “you are lazy”! It is logical to say that. You must confront you with strong statements to pay your prize several times.

I think the main problem is not laziness, but comfort. The situation is simply too comfortable, which has evolved. Basically you don’t want to care for your financial products. You made what you needed and now leave me alone. You pay and the product works.

You have to pay for your comfort

This is an important consideration for many people. We believe that this convenience is free because we have undertaken a condition (eg: cost and contract content) and we do so. However, market competition is getting better and cheaper.

Maybe you pay for an outdated service? I’m telling you a very brutal example! You tied an accident insurance 10 years ago. You pay up to today, at $ 14,000 a year. If we look at the first item (accident death), you will see that the insurer would pay you 5,000,000 forints.

However, if you were to have this insurance today, you would have had an accident death insurance of $ 15,000,000 at a similar price. What will the family get if this thing happens? Do you see the difference? You may have to pay the same amount, but you get much more for your money.

Write to me if you would like to send an accident insurance comparison table comparing several offers: deer.norbert@Good Lending

What is a Homework?

You collect the following financial products and ask for offers either individually or from a financial advisor. You can even write to me and see if I can help you.

  • home insurance – »is the house secured for the right amount? could you save on the prize?
  • Accident Insurance – »Increase Coverage or Reduce Fee
  • loans – »reduction of maturity or monthly repayment (Did you know there are banks that offer free-of-charge loans for real estate with 10-year fixed interest rate at 4.15% interest if certain conditions are met?)
  • health fund – »how to reduce deductions?
  • bank account – »reduce costs

It can mean a lot

I’ll tell you that you are brutally paying for these small items. For example, a $ 300,000 credit card that you do not repay in full each month amounts to up to $ 5-10,000 per month completely unnecessarily.

If you have more than one current account, then only annual card fees can cost thousands of forints a year. For example, 3 cards will cost you at least 10-15e forints per year and then we have not talked about account management fees.

Why don’t you withdraw one of your accounts with the free Revolut? In this article I have described what it is all about. In addition, I have a link to make your card free! Revolut description in plain language.