Personal Payday loan vs. Car Leasing

Who does not have the dream of owning a car.

Thanks to car leasing, having your own car nowadays seems possible without any problems. But what exactly is hidden behind the supposedly simple lease and a Personal Payday is the better alternative.

Disadvantages of leasing

The car is not yours. After expiry of the lease, there is the possibility to buy the car for a residual value. But this has to be regulated by contract and does not necessarily happen automatically.

  • Full insurance is required! You have no way to save by partial coverage. In addition, insurance costs for leasing are often a few hundred francs higher per year than for a car of one’s own.
  • Your financial flexibility is severely limited! You have the option of leaving your lease earlier, but this is very expensive.
  • Limited mileage! When leasing, they usually have only a contractually determined number of kilometers available. Every additional kilometer incurs additional costs.
  • Dealer obliged to service! They usually have no free choice of garage, but are obliged to do the service in a given brand garage.

Benefits of Personal Payday:

  • The car is yours!
  • The number of kilometers depends on your personal needs and not on a contractual policy
  • You have free choice. Whether in commerce or privately. If you want to finance your car cash after receiving the loan, you have the opportunity to achieve up to 20% discount.
  • You can deduct your interest from the taxes.
  • Free insurance choice. With a partial comprehensive insurance you have the opportunity to save additional money and the insurance products are cheaper.
  • You do not have to enter into any further contractual obligations.
  • The vehicle can be sold at any time and the loan can be repaid without additional costs and time pressure.

Transparent and Secure

With your Personal Payday, you are on the independent, transparent and secure side with no hidden costs or other contractual links. As a crowdlending pioneer, Good Finance is happy to fulfill your dream of owning a car through a fast, low-interest, low-interest loan.